African Black Soap is known for it's healing properties and has been used for a variety of skin aliments for the face and body.

This 2 oz/vol wash has a natural clean outdoors like scent making it great for men to use in their beards if they choose and women to use as their shampoo.

****Although, the ingredients of this wash may have health benefits, if you have a serious skin condition seek medical attention and research what you put on your skin.****

African Black Soap Facial and Body Wash

  • In addition to the African Black Soap base, this wash contains:

    • Distilled water
    • Vegetable Glycerin - natural humectant
    • Avocado Oil - collagen production
    • Coconut Oil - inflammation reduction
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - antibacterial
    • Vitamin E Oil - moisturizing
    • Cedarwood Essential Oil - anti-inflammatory
    • Peppermint Essential Oil - antiseptic properties
    • Frankincense Essential Oil - protects skin
    • Tea Tree Essential Oil - anti-inflammatory