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Clare J. Bath & Body Products officially became a business in January 2013. I always had a love for "smell goods," but never thought I would be making them.​ People have asked time and time again, how did the business start. My instant response is stress on the job or I was frustrated at work. The products brought me peace during an uncomfortable time in my life. I wasn't ready to quit that job, but I knew I needed something supplemental. I sold other well known beauty products, but realized quick it wasn't "me." After prayer one night it came to mind to make something. I began with body soaks. I gave out samples not thinking much of it.  All of a sudden, I received my first order and the rest is history as they say. Lol!  After noticing what women closest to me dealt with, I wanted to bring comfort to them as well so I didn't mind handing out samples.

Since 2013, the business has grown to include other spa products. I've learned different methods of soap making along with how to make different scrubs, bath bombs, massage oil candles, and more.  Thankfully, my products have been sold at numerous venues and homes via spa parties and vendor events.

I strongly believe stress relief and relaxation are vital to overall well-being. I aim to be of service as a Relaxation Consultant. I provide encouragement, events, and lovely spa products.

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